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Consider it Delivered! Through new technology, but old values. Simply submit your details and we will call you back soonest, or come see you face-to-face. Did you know… There was a time when letters and manuscripts (the forerunner of books) were written on palm leaves. When these palm leaves were in danger of being damaged, the full content would be copied with a stylus onto new leaves. (A stylus was a hard-pointed object used for writing on wax tablets or parchments). When texts became old, it was completely re-written for the sake of preserving it. It is said that people went on inscribing theses palm leaves until their hands ached. Since there was no printing press back then, if a written piece was meant for many people, a full copy was written out for each of them. Thankfully, the media that we use today to reach people, are very different and much less time consuming than the methods of old. However, at B.I. Xpress we firmly believe that the same old-fashioned values should apply. So why wait for an electronic response from a machine, if we are prepared to call you back soonest, or make an appointment to come see you face-to-face?